Industrial Services (IS) is a division of Babcock Center that was developed to help adults with lifelong disabilities enter into the workforce, and providing a previously untapped source of labor for the business community.

Within the Industrial Services Department are two types of supports: Vocational Supports and Supported Employment; both programs provide local businesses with:

  1. Reliable Workers

  2. Reduced turnover

  3. Tax Incentives

  4. Mobile Work Crews

  5. Onsite supervision

  6. Competitive Pricing

Babcock Center Industrial Services Specialize in

In-house Contracts:

  1. Hand Assembly

  2. Packaging

  3. Special Project Fulfillment

Community Based work groups (enclaves)

  1. Lawn Maintenance

  2. Mobile Car Wash

  3. Janitorial Services

Dreyfuss Woodshop

  • specialize in survey straights, flats, hubs, and rebar; and special projects upon request.

For more information on how Babcock Center Industrial Services can help your business feel free to give us a call at  803-790-1970.


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