Industrial Services (IS) is a division of Babcock Center that was developed to help adults with lifelong disabilities enter into the workforce, and providing a previously untapped source of labor for the business community.

Within the Industrial Services Department are two types of supports: Vocational Supports and Supported Employment; both programs provide local businesses wit

  1. Reliable Worker

  2. Reduced turnover

  3. Tax Incentive

  4. Mobile Work Crews

  5. Onsite supervision

  6. Competitive Pricing

Babcock Center Industrial Services Specialize in

In-house Contracts:

  1. Hand Assembly

  2. Packaging

  3. Special Project Fulfillment

Community Based work groups (enclaves)

  1. Lawn Maintenanc

  2. Mobile Car Was

  3. Janitorial Service

Dreyfuss Woodshop

  • specialize in survey straights, flats, hubs, and rebar; and special projects upon request.

For more information on how Babcock Center Industrial Services can help your business feel free to give us a call at  803-790-1970.


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