1996 Christmas in Columbia Ornament of Opportunity – The Horseshoe at USC **SOLD OUT**


In keeping with the spirit of the season, the Babcock Center Foundation proudly presents the 1996 “Official City Ornament.” This year’s ornament depicts the Horseshoe

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A visit to the University of South Carolina isn’t complete without a glimpse of its historic Horseshoe. The U-shaped formation of the original campus has seen more than two centuries of history unfold, earning a position on the National Register of Historic Places.

For decades (and even centuries), the buildings have stood resolutely, bearing witness to the atrocities of war, fire and riots. They’ve also been proud hosts, welcoming esteemed guests such as President William Howard Taft and Pope John Paul II. Painstakingly preserved, the structures on the Horseshoe tell a colorful tale, not only of the university’s history, but of events that shaped South Carolina as a whole.