Industrial Services

Industrial Services (IS) is a division of Babcock Center that was developed to help adults with developmental disabilities enter into the work force thus providing a previously untapped source of labor for the business community and a sense of purpose and self-worth for the individual.

Industrial Services’ training programs emphasize quality, efficiency, and productivity. Vocational opportunities are provided for workers through a variety of methods. These include in-house contracts, industrial woodshop, mobile grounds maintenance, janitorial crews, workstations at various industries, and competitive job placement. Staff with special expertise are available to advise on production layouts, fixtures, and quality development. The Industrial Staff provide free bids and are available at the customer’s convenience.

IS provides Babcock Center Vocational Supports Programs with a variety of in-house contracts. These include sorting, collating, bulk mailing, and the assembly of a variety of industrial products.

The industrial woodshop provides local contractors and construction companies with surveyor stakes (flats, hubs, triangles, and special orders) at competitive prices. Additionally, they produce rebar for local surveyors.

Mobile work crews are contracted throughout the community to perform grounds and janitorial maintenance.

Work Stations or enclaves consist of a team of individuals from the Vocational Supports work force and a staff supervisor. IS can provide an instant work force to complete the demands of the customer. IS supervises and pays all its workers, and provides all necessary liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Several current work stations include recycling stations, hotels, and several local industrial businesses.

Job Training and Placement Supports assists the worker in finding competitive employment in the community. On site Employment Specialists provide free on the job training for individuals that are placed on the job.

For more information about Industrial Services or any of the services provided, please call (803)799-6505, (803)786-7860, or (803)359-9717, and ask for your nearest IS Representative.