Respite supports are provided to participants enrolled in the IR/RD, HASCI or Community Supports Waivers who are eligible for supports though SC Department of Desabilities and Special Needs.  These supports are furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing supports to a person with lifelong disabilities. Previously termed Respite Caregivers, Household Employees are considered employees of the person or family to whom respite supports are provided. Household Employees are subject to withholding of taxes and will receive a W2 form for earnings in a calendar year. The Employer of Record is the participant, parent, guardian or representative of the participant who has chosen a Household Employee to provide respite care supports to them.

Respite supports may be provided in a variety of settings. The setting of the respite support is chosen by the recipient and his/her family.

The following people cannot be paid to provide respite support:

  • A primary caregiver
  • The spouse of the person needing support
  • A parent, step-parent, foster parent or legal guardian of a minor child
  • A court-appointed guardian of an adult needing support
  • Parent or step-parent of an adult waiver recipient who resides in the same household as the person receiving support


**Effective 10/1/14, Charles Lea Center will act as the Household Employer Agent for the Employers of Record and prepare payroll, employment tax returns and process the withholding, deposit and payment of the associated employment taxes for the Employers of Record.  Respite Caregivers/Household Employees are not employees of Charles Lea Center nor Babcock Center.



Individuals wanting to become a new certified Household Employee should contact the SC Respite Coalition Training Program.

SC Respite Coalition Training Program
PO Box 493
Columbia, SC 29202
(803) 935-5027
Toll free: 1 (866) 345-6786
(803) 935-5229 (Fax)


Training videos for recertification can be viewed by clicking on the link below:



Families wishing to become a Household Employer should contact their Case Manager to begin the process.