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Babcock Center offers nearly 68 residential programs throughout Richland and Lexington Counties supporting 325 people. We practice Person Centered in all our homes. Support options in these programs range from independent supported living (SLP One) to Intermediate Care that provides intensive 24-hour care. Click to expand each category below to learn more about our locations.

  • Supervised Living Program (SLP I)
    Licensed by South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and centrally located throughout Richland and Lexington counties. Residents choose their own apartment or home in the community with supports provided as needed and/or requested.
  • Supervised Living Program (SLP II)
    Offers residents the opportunity to live in individual apartments licensed by DDSN, and located in the heart of Columbia and West Columbia, S.C. Residents primarily work and live independently with onsite supports available 24 hours.

  • Community Training Homes (CTH I)
    Offers personalized care and support with daily routines. Support providers are qualified and trained private citizens, licensed by South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, who provide long-term commitments to sharing a home, helping with daily routines, and inviting someone with a developmental disability to be part of their family, resulting in lifelong relationships.
  • Community Training Homes (CTH II)
    Offers residents the opportunity to live in a homelike environment in the community with support from qualified and trained Direct Support Professionals. Care, skills training and supports focus on choice and independence, while encouraging community engagement. All residences have 4 private bedrooms and are licensed by South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.

  • Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
    Offers full assisted living supports, daily nursing services and RNs on call around the clock. Each ICF is certified annually by DHEC. Three of these Babcock Center owned homes are located in the Lower Richland Community, two are in the Northeast Area and one home is located in the town of Batesburg. Direct Support Professionals provide opportunities for community outings, promote choice and encourage independence.
  • Community Inclusive Residential Supports (CIRS)
    Promotes development and independence. CIRS work closely with residents, families, and Direct Support Professionals to create a customized plan to transition from a 24-hour supervised setting to a semi-independent living arrangement. Each resident is the driving force of their customized plan. They will choose where they live, with whom they live and who will provide the necessary supports for them in their new home.

  • Community Residential Care Facilities (CRCF)
    Offer room and board while providing a degree of personal care for a period of time in excess of 24 consecutive hours for two or more persons, 18 years or older. A CRCF is designed to accommodate the residents’ changing needs and preferences, maximize residents’ dignity, autonomy, privacy, and safety, and encourage family and community involvement. All CRCF are licensed and monitored by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Division of Health Licensing and require a CRCF licensed administrator. Babcock Center has three CRCF homes, two are located in the Northeast Area of Columbia, S C. and the other one is located in the town of Batesburg. The CRCF homes operate 24 hours providing individualized care, support and supervision.