Babcock Center offers nearly 70 residential programs throughout Richland County. Support options in these programs range from independent supported living (SLP) to intermediate care that provides intensive 24-hour care. 

Residential Support Options

  • Supported Living I (SLPI)– individuals live on their own and manage their households independently may choose to receive support with arranging attendant care, healthcare, transportation and other supports, as needed

  • Supported Living II (SLPII)– staff are available around the clock at these locations to provide care and supervision and to assist with skill mastery toward independent living

  • Community Training Homes I (CTHI) individuals live with other peers in single family homes. These residences provide opportunities to establish friendships, relationships, and provide ability to become active contributing community members

  • Community Training Home II (CTHII) is a specialized community based residential program where an individual lives as a member of the caregiver’s family

  • Intermediate CareThis option provides intense 24-hour care, training and supervision for continuous levels of support.

For more information regarding Residential Supports please call at 803-799-1970.